Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Life

I have some great news. We have a new addition to our family. Emily Rose, was born in mid-November. We are both happy, healthy and can’t believe a month has already come and gone.

Since this blog is about my weight journey, I thought I’d share that when Emily was born (and the week after), I lost what I gained during the pregnancy (about 20 pounds). However, the reason I was so careful this time around is that I was still holding on to 70 pounds that I gained with my first pregnancy and in between.

Since this is my second time around as the mother of a newborn, I knew I had to prepare myself to forge forward on a healthy path. I knew how difficult it was to get a healthy meal on the table, especially while trying to get things done around the house with one hand (with the other hand holding a newborn) and sleep deprivation. Under any kind of stress, the first thing to drop from my to-do list is typically healthy eating in favor of convenience.

Also, I noticed during my pregnancy was the tiniest amount of additional weight made a huge difference in my joints. I had trouble getting up from the floor while playing with my first daughter. I developed severe pain in my knees, which had to be resolved with physical therapy. It was a reminder that it was time for me to get serious about heading down the scale again.

I enlisted the support of BistroMD during these first few months since I already had a terrific experience with this company. They were kind enough to supply my food while training in Telluride, Colorado for my third and final trek up Mount Kilimanjaro. I dropped about six pounds that week alone!

Each week BistroMD will deliver me five days of per perfectly portioned, frozen healthy meals and snacks and I will write about my experience along the way. You can follow my journey here each month on my blog here on www.fatwomanonthemountain.com . This is my way of taking care of me. I like to think of it as if I hired a personal chef to take care of me. The first box included an amazing array of food from Bombay inspired chicken to spinach crepes.
Since I’m nursing, I am adding in two additional snacks of protein and fruit and adding a side salad to my lunches and dinners. Just to be on the safe side, I’m drinking three cups of Mother’s Milk tea each day to make sure my milk supply doesn’t dip.

When I was a guest on Oprah’s Lifeclass, Iyanla (Oprah’s friend and the special guest on the show) spoke about how responsibility really means you are able to respond. I have been dogged by weight issues for decades and I need to take responsibility for my health and wellness, especially with this new life in my life and the life that I want to lead. My big goal, in addition to being the best mom I can be, is to be healthy enough to take on Machu Picchu (by foot, of course, since I rarely do things the easy way) in the coming year.

I hope to be an active role model for my daughters, and to continue on my adventures. But it is my “Response-ability” to do so.

If you’d like to try BistroMD, use code NEWLIFE and they'll give you $50 off the first week.