Friday, January 11, 2013

Missing: 11 Pounds (Please Don't Return Them)

Emily and Me

I’ve been on BistroMD for about a month now and I’m happy to report that I’ve dropped 11 pounds!

That’s not too shabby when you consider that the first month was over the holidays. Our company party was at Sofrito, an amazing NYC Puerto Rican eatery that isn’t into counting calories. (Let’s just say it was the best sangria I’ve ever had and the portions were double what they should have been. My husband ate my leftovers when I returned on program the next day). Then there was Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day... an exhausting amount of meals and things on the to-do lists.  There was a lot of extra food around and eggnog in my coffee from time to time. But after each holiday meal, I just got right back on program with the next meal.

Also, I didn’t have clearance to exercise until the last week of December. And really, with my oldest daughter on school vacation and another daughter too young to drop off at the gym daycare, it just didn’t happen.

Ultimately, the BistroMD program has been a lifesaver in my sleep-deprived, one-handed world as a new mom and then last week when I started work again. Getting the girls ready and out the door is a skill set unto itself. I may be qualified to be an air traffic controller now.

With all this stuff to do, BistroMD has helped me take care of myself.  Healthy meals have been selected, made, delivered to me each week. All I have to do is stock them in my freezer and when it is time to eat, pop it in the microwave.  Seriously, it couldn’t be simpler.

I’ve promised myself that I would try everything (practicing what I preach to my almost-5-year-old daughter). There have been some that I haven’t liked so I went on MyBistroMD and adjusted my selections so I won’t have to see them again. Then, there have been others that have been surprisingly good. As I write, I am enjoying the Jungle Chicken Crepes with Rosemary Red Potatoes.

Jungle Chicken with Rosemary Red Potatoes

I feel like I’m set up for success as we enter the New Year. I just started going back to the gym more regularly. I’m even planning on hitting a Spinning class for the first time since I got pregnant (please excuse me if I can’t walk for the week after.  ;-)

Most importantly, I’m going to start hiking again this weekend. The weather looks great – almost 60 degrees. My hiking boots have been lonely these last several months when I avoided the activity that I love most (because I worried about my balance while pregnant on the trail). I hope to head out with the Union County Hiking Club for a ramble in the woods. It will be a slow and short hike but the first steps toward bigger goals such as Machu Picchu!

BistroMD is supplying my meals until June and I’m writing about the experience. Join me on the trail to health.
If you’d like to try BistroMD, use code NEWLIFE and they'll give you $50 off the first week.