Monday, April 28, 2008

4.28.08: Acting Skinny

I spent 10 months watching the scale tick upward as I gained my pregnancy pounds and then some.

It's so much fun to back in a downward trend. This morning I got on the scale and realized that I'm 35 pounds lighter than when I was pregnant. I tell ya, it feels incredible.

Beyond the extra spring in my step (even when carrying my 11-pound newborn), psychologically, it's fantastic to have some success. Once I started gaining weight during my pregnancy, despite my best nutritional intentions, I felt fat again. Then I started acting fat again -- tucking wrappers under my car seat, ordering a side of fries instead of salad.

Now, that I'm losing weight, I'm starting to act skinny again. I demand time for my workouts and feel cranky without them. I rarely go anywhere without a water bottle at my side. I figure out how to include five or more fruits and vegetables in my diet each day. I look forward to hopping on the scale to see progress, and work to keep it moving downward.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

4.08.08: Down Six

I officially signed up for Weight Watchers last Tuesday. Today, I didn't really want to go. I spent the week re-reading the literature describing the two plans. I didn't follow either one very closely but I made lots of little changes here and there. For example:
-- I stopped drinking a glass of OJ and opted for a piece of fresh fruit later in the morning.
-- I ate only one packet of oatmeal for breakfast (I used to eat two)
-- I stopped eating spoonfuls of peanut butter when I felt the urge to

But still I wasn't sure how it would add up. I started to psych myself out, thinking I'll do better this week and head to the meeting next Tuesday. I started to mill through some laundry and came upon the maternity pants that I'm still wearing -- the only kind that fit. I decided I needed to go.

I changed Anna (and myself -- wearing the lightest-possible outfit) and we headed to the meeting. We were late, which has been the norm since I had a baby.

I stepped on the scale and didn't really want to hear the number as I had spent the last 10 months gaining... Besides, I was busy lifting Anna's car seat up and down so she wouldn't wail and interrupt the Weight Watchers meeting already in progress.

Then the Weight Watchers employee smiled and said, "Great job. You're down six."

I'll be back to the meeting next week.