Sunday, August 24, 2008

08.24.08: Plus-Size Sideshow

A New York Times article today highlighted the surge of weight loss shows that are gaining popularity. From the "Biggest Loser" to "Honey, We're Killing the Kids" people are tuning in to watch people battle their weight in a very public way.

Viewers have come to expect these gargantuan losses of 100, even 200 pounds in a single series --creating unrealistic expectations for themselves.

I hate this pattern -- that I was stuck in for years --- of seeing ourselves as failures if we don't go from fat to skinny on a single diet. Weight is a lifelong issue that will continue far beyond when the cameras are packed away and people are living off the Biggest Loser Ranch. It can be a very slow and patient process.

While I think it's good to seek inspiration from the public progress of those in reality weight loss shows, it's important to live your own reality.

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