Tuesday, September 16, 2008

09.16.08: New Identity

I love these two Passport photos. One was taken at my peak weight -- about 360 pounds -- as I was about to go to Switzerland. (Yes, a seatbelt extender was required, and the person next to me on the plane was not pleased that I was spilling over my seat). The other was 120-pounds later, taken as I was about to go to Africa on my trek up Kilimanjaro.

The images are a decade apart. That's right, 10 years from point A to point B.

I have to wonder, what would that second photo look like if I hadn't made positive changes in my life? If I didn't start on the path to better health? Where, if anywhere, would I be going?

Sometimes the path to weight loss is slow going. But if you keep moving forward, eventually you'll get there.


realfree said...

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Amber said...

Kara, I just read your essay in Self magazine today and really enjoyed it...you're an inspiration!

It is also a dream of mine to summit Kilimanjaro. I'm in decent shape, but I have osteoarthritis in my knee and am not sure whether it can handle it. (I'm actually more worried about my knee on the descent than the climb.) I'd love to hear your opinion.

Keep up the great work...my two "babies" are 10 and 11. Staying healthy for them is the best incentive!

I'm going to link to your blog on my site. I look forward to checking back in!

Kara - Fat Woman on the Mountain said...

Thanks so much for the kind words!

Kara - Fat Woman on the Mountain said...

Hey Amber --

Thanks so much for finding me!

Going up Kili probably wouldn't be a problem -- it's going down that would be really tough on the knees.

I would check in with your doctor to see if there's anything you can do to strengthen, to prepare... but it's ultimately your call. Kilimanjaro is a great adventure!

Btw, if you sign up for my newsletter at www.fatwomanonthemountain.com, I'll keep people posted on the next Global Alliance Africa Kili climb.

All the best,

Jessica said...

Hi Kara!

It is so awesome that your article is finally published!

Now, not only are you my inspiration, but you are going to be the inspiration of so many others!