Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Noticing Nature

One of the things I love most about hiking is that every step, every turn brings a whole new scene. There are so many things to admire out in the woods.

Some of of my colleagues (past and present) also have taken notice of nature and captured it. I wanted to share their amazing projects with you.

The first is Courier News Managing Editor/Digital Editor Loren Fisher's What's Good Blog. He started this project because:

"There is plenty of coverage of what's wrong with the world. I'm glad others are keeping an eye on things that could be better, but I want to show what is good around me."

So what's good? A cat in the arch of the courthouse. A bear in his neighborhood. A storm rolling in after sunset. And so much more. Check it out at: What's Good Blog

Second, we have Courier News photographer Andrew Miller. Here is an amazing piece of music he composed himself. Andrew then made a video using photos he took from his cell phone. Awesome. Brilliant. Creative. See for yourself:

You should also check out his amazing Hit the Trail images on Full Frame.

Finally, we have Star-Ledger Deputy Managing Editor Steve Liebman. His amazing photos inspired me to go down the Grand Canyon (and back up again). I still carry his hiking tips (such as cut your toenails short or you will lose them) with me on the trail!

Here's a look at his Flickr Stream:

So get out there and notice nature on your own adventures. Happy trails!

p.s. The book, Fat Woman on the Mountain, comes out next week! Keep an eye on my website,, for more information!

He also has some great stuff on the Courier News photo blog.

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