Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.11: A Clean Start

I admit it. I got a little naughty when it came to holiday eating.

I had a stressful November and December. There were so many special parties with wonderful friends between Thanksgiving and New Year's. The leftover hot cocoa from my gingerbread decorating party snuck into my coffee each day. I even used extra candy canes as stirrers! I even volunteerily picked up and ate a slice of a Natale's Bakery Yule Log at my friend Suzanne's Solistice Party. Christmas cookies appeared on my stoop!

I kept up with my workouts but I needed a clean start for the New Year. It is a great time for new beginnings and with my next Kilimanjaro trek coming in August 2011, I needed to get back on track

I decided to let my refrigerator inventory dwindle right before we left for our Christmas long weekend. Then I cleaned the whole thing out, letting go of every last little high-caloric crumb.

When I returned I made sure to fill it back up again with healthy foods -- salmon, salad, fat-free milk and more. I gave myself a clean start for health success in the New Year.
What can you do to give yourself a clean start this year?

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Anonymous said...

This year my clean start will be to get moving more. Since May of 2010, I have not regularly exercised. I know that I need to move more for better health so that is what I am going to do. Thank you for your inspiration! Happy New Year!