Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring into a BetterU

I decided to use the first day of Spring to sign up for the American Heart Association's free 12-week BetterU! I have about 20 weeks until my next trek up Kilimanjaro and I figured it would be great to have an awesome online health coach along the way.

Want to BetterU with me? Tell me after you sign up at and you could win some great prizes along the journey.

BetterMe Coaching Tool: "The Go Red BetterMe Coaching Tool is the perfect companion to the Go Red BetterU 12-week program. Every day, you'll get tips, reminders, and more sent directly to your tool. You'll also be able to chat directly with other members of the program on the “Wall” share tips, motivational quotes, and work through barriers with others. You can also access and edit your journal entries directly from the tool."

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