Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to Class

Since I've returned from Mount Kilimanjaro my workouts have been, well, lackluster. There is a bit of a let down after accomplishing a goal so grand, something that you've been training for and dreaming of for more than a year.

I love having a grand adventure to visualize while I exercise. Otherwise, I find myself bored and unmotivated. I just spin my wheels on the bike or go through the motions on the elliptical trainer for a quick 28-minute workout.

I'm still deciding what my next Big Fat Adventure will be. Other items on my life list include a rim-to-rim Grand Canyon hike, a trek up Machu Picchu or another one of the world's Seven Summits (Aconcagua, perhaps). Since I've just barely unpacked after this last trip (and then again after Irene), I decided to give myself a little while to decide what my 2012 challenge will be.

In the meantime, I decided to shake things up by heading back to class -- exercise class that is. I love the positive peer pressure of an exercise class. You have to keep up, and people expect you to return.

I grabbed the group exercise schedule at the Summit YMCA to find some fun, challenging activities here at home. I started circling Zumba, Spinning Out Loud (where singing is encouraged) and others that can keep me motivated and working hard.

Since it is nice to have a familiar face in class, I started with my personal trainer Heather Worthy's class -- Cardio, Cuts & Core. She kept us sweating for an hour with a mix of kickboxing, strength training and more. What an incredible workout (I'm still sore).

So with the back-to-school season upon us, think about shaking up your exercise routine. Is there something you've always wanted to try? Get out there and try something new!


Padma said...

Kara, Machu Pichu is on my bucket list along with Lake Manasarovar in Tibet. PLease do share the details of your schedule for Machu Pichu.

Tinyholder said...

Hey, well done you! I didn't make it to the top of Kili (got back over 3 weeks ago) and I have been exercising like a demon since training for a half marathon - believe me I am over weight not some super slim waif! I agree with you, I need something to work towards. I'm doing Toubkal (Atlas mountains) in January and Mount Kenya (lower but more challenging than Kili) in July/August.