Sunday, February 8, 2009

2.08.09: In and Out of the Cold

The greatest thing about the Penguin Plunge? Running out of the water and getting a towel from one of the Special Olympics athletes.

Sure it was cold (bone-chilling doesn't begin to describe it) but it was so much fun. The staging area, the tent where you wait for your number to be called, was filled with people pumped and ready to take the plunge. The Vermont Rugby Team -- the largest contingent there -- had bagpipes playing to usher them in the water in formation.

My plunge wasn't so organized, I made it to about my armpits, when a rush of my fellow plungers started heading back in to dry land. So I turned around and got out, got a towel as a jogged back to the changing tent.

A few moments of my time, a bit of discomfort, and a lot of fun for a great cause, Special Olympics Vermont. Many, many thanks to my supporters, who allowed me to take a long walk off a short pier and reminded me that sometimes you just have to jump in.

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