Thursday, March 12, 2009

03.12.09: Crumbs on the Floor Mean So Much More.

I used to lament about how many times, as a new mom, I would have to sweep my floor. Cheerios seem to multiply. And after just about every meal, it feels like there is another one on the floor in crumbs!

I realized just last week that I should be grateful and feel blessed that we have so much, especially in these tough economic times. There isn't an urgency to dive after the food on the tile. I thought about the poverty I've seen around the world in places like India, Brazil and Thailand, and thought how the amount that gets tossed could probably sustain another life.

There was a terrific show on Oprah a week or so back about Simplicity -- and how we can strive to live better with less. A moment that struck a chord with me was a woman who was tossing pounds and pounds of food from her fridge each week. I have been known to Costco overload myself, which is not good for me -- or my budget.

While we try not to waste (which is difficult when your 13-month-old plays the "Uh-oh" game, flinging whatever is in her hand and looking down at it with dismay and a cute little, "Uh-oh"), the crumbs on the floor mean we have enough, we are blessed and we make good use of the broom.

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Quixotically Chaotic said...

this message really hit home with me. I'm one of those women who throws away food that has expired, been forgotten about, or I simply overbought and couldn't use in time. I have just begun to simplify and getting rid of what I can't use and only buying what I can. It's refreshing! Your blog is refreshing! :-)