Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to Hug A Tree

My neighbor was cleaning out some of her daughter's things that she had outgrown and invited my daughter to pick through the stash. (A great form of recycling!).

My daughter is a bit of a book worm like her mom and took every book she had to offer. When we went home and sorted through the pile. There, I found gold: Hug A Tree (and Other Things to Do Outdoors With Young Children).

I am looking for ways to encourage my daughter (who is now 2) to explore. Now we can Take a Bird To Lunch, be Texture Collectors, make Water Clocks and more...

Kids could use some encouragement to get outside... according to a Bay Area Wilderness Training newsletter, the average child gets less than 10 minutes of outside play time versus 120 minutes of screen time. (If you didn't know Bay Area Wilderness Training helps get at-risk youth out of the city and into the wild for life-changing adventures.)

Don't forget, Fat Woman on the Mountain, the book, comes out Sept. 14. Get your copy at

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