Tuesday, June 14, 2011

20 Pounds of Sugar on My Back

The more I have sugar around, the more I want it.
I have been doing really well in my training. I keep hiking higher and higher mountains as well as longer and longer trails but I am not dropping pounds. The only time that I have been truly successful in losing weight was when I drop refined sugar.
On Sunday I decided to walk to my friends' house, which happens to be eight miles away, as a training exercise and get together. It was my responsibility to bring the bagels -- a baker's dozen -- to the gathering so I loaded them in my backpack and away I went. The weight of the pack was significant and it got me thinking about all the food I've been carrying around with me all this time.
The following day, when I suited up to hike Mount Tammany, one of New Jersey's best training mountains, I decided to bring along sugar -- 20 pounds of it to carry along, as I would like to drop that many pounds (or more) before I take on the mountain itself. Here's how it went:

The experience made me really think about what I really want to carry with me on the journey ahead.
Read more about my story at: www.fatwomanonthemountain.com

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