Monday, January 12, 2009

01.12.09: The No-No Drawer

The No-No Drawer: I should never be left alone with chocolate. I know better than that.

But I decided to put some Hershey’s Kisses in little baggies for my daughter’s caregivers’ holiday gifts (Yes, I know it is mid-January). I started to put some in my mouth. It started with just three, and soon the wad of the Kisses tinfoil wrappers was getting bigger and bigger. Those little paper flags that shoot out of the top of the candies were all over my desk.

It takes nine Kisses to equal a serving. That’s 200 calories a pop. When I was approaching the 400-calorie mark, I needed to cut myself off, something that wasn’t going to happen with the bag in front of me, so I put it in the No-No Drawer.

My No-No Drawer is my husband’s top dresser drawer, where he keeps his personal stash of treats. (There’s a candy cane in there from Christmas ’08). Anywhere else in the house is fair game for me, but that’s his private place.

I made the mistake of venturing in it – to swipe mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that I had bought him. I actually tried to replace them and got busted. It was a huge breach of trust and an indicator that I was truly off track. I’ll never do that again, the drawer is strictly off limits.

So the Kisses are safe in the No-No Drawer for my husband’s consumption.

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