Thursday, January 8, 2009

1.08.09: The Art of the Start

I began 2009 in motion at the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run, a 4-mile loop in Central Park -- moving toward better health and a better world.This was the first event in my Save the World Diet, a quest to get healthy and make the world a better place.

As the race began, despite my months of training, I felt a bit like a stone stuck in the sand of a beach as the other runners raced out like the tide around me. My pace was slow -- 1 hour and 9 minutes slow -- but at least I was moving. It was a start.

I am using the event as a barometer of where I need to go in the coming year. I raised some money for UNICEF and I finished.

I've been watching Oprah talk about falling off the wagon. I, too, felt like 2008 was a year of feeling in the dumps about myself. The baby weight -- more than 50 pounds of it -- made me act and feel fat again. I was lost in my own body as I tried to balance my life as a new mom, my job and my old adventurer self (who didn't get much further than the local CVS on most days). I really think I spent a good portion in the year depressed.

So this new year is a new start, of moving on the path to wellness, about feeling good about my body, treating it with the gratitude it deserves. This year is in motion, to make good choices for my health, and the world around me.

It's a big mission, but this is just the beginning.

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Chris said...

Thank you so much for your blog and all of the wonderful insight you have to offer. I love your challenge for this year. I was inspired to do something, too. I don't have much interest in races and events like that, but I do attend fitness classes virtually every day. So I decided to keep track of my workouts this year and pledge a dollar amount per hour to charity. It should add up to a nice sum by the end of the year. Thanks for giving me the idea!