Saturday, January 10, 2009

1.10.09: In the Snow, In My Shorts

Today is the kind of day most people head to the store, buy a bunch of bread and milk and hurry home to seek shelter from the approaching winter storm.

Today, I looked through my summer clothes, put on a short-sleeved shirt, a pair of capri pants and my winter boots. I showed my husband my outfit. He looked me up and down and said, "Don't you have any shorter shorts?"

I rolled the denim material up over my knees and headed out for a mix of "training" and fundraising for my upcoming Penguin Plunge for Special Olympics. I went door-to-door on a street where I used to live, telling people about my mission and handing out information about how to support my plunge, a dunk in Lake Champlain in Vermont on February 7, to raise money for Special Olympics.

A lot of people were interested, and asked me to tell them more as I shivered on their door step. I got $20 from a nice teen named Julian, who took a break from his piano practice, to support my cause.

Cars, and the city's fleet of snow plows slowed as they passed. About a dozen houses later, when I had to keep dusting the snow off my sponsorship sheet, I decided I was heading into frostbite danger and the possibility of someone calling the police to report someone under the influence.

One my way down the road, a SUV pulled up, "Can we give you a ride?"

This lovely couple, the McCarthys, had seen me in my summer gear and worried about me so they turned around and offered to take me home. I explained my mission and told them that I wasn't far - and not to worry. I wasn't crazy.

With all the people who need help in this world, it's crazy not to help others.

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