Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11.25.08: Ruby's Journey

Have you seen the new reality weight loss show called Ruby?

It's on Style -- and it follows the journey of a more-than-400-pound woman "in the fight for her life." This isn't the Biggest Loser kind of spectacle, but it shows the real, gritty challenges of a person trying to make good, healthy lifestyle changes -- from the re-appearance of an old flame -- who tried to take her off track to ordering a smoothie while with her friends at a restaurant.

I've cringed along with her (especially during her visit to a candy store when she realized that she shouldn't go there any more). I applaud her honesty as she shares her story.

We're three episodes in and she's already lost more than 60 pounds -- with the help of a personal trainer, an obesity specialist and pre-packaged meals. I'm cheering her on along the way to well being.

So catch it if you can -- it airs 8 p.m. on Sundays on Style.

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