Monday, November 3, 2008

11.03.08: Sweets Are A Sour Note

I hate that so many food-related things that should be fun get so complicated for me.

On Halloween, I felt silly standing in the background as my husband Chris wore our daughter in the Baby Bjorn from house to house. She wore a perky flower costume, and delighted those who opened the door when they saw her able to pluck out a candy from the bowl of treats.

Of course at nearly nine months old, she can't eat the candy but you could tell she was having a blast as she waved the little pieces back and forth. She in it for the crinkly wrapper. The mini box of Dots became her new rattle.

I wondered it all those parents thought I was the one who was going to eat all those candies, which went in a spare diaper bag slung over my shoulder. I should have been enjoying this first trick-or-treating experience with my daughter but instead I was wallowing in my own self-humiliation. I felt compelled to tell everyone they were for "Daddy" not me.

Sweets took on a sour note for me again on Sunday when Chris wanted a pumpkin doughnut. A pumpkin doughnut sounded like such a sweet way to celebrate fall, with some apple cider on the side. But since I'm back in training mode, my choice at Dunkin Donuts was limited to an egg white flatbread sandwich, a new offering with less than 300 calories.

It's moments like these -- crunching down on a breakfast sandwich that was a bit dry in flavor and sentiment-- that I wished I hadn't snuck out to get pumpkin scones and other treats so many times without him. That way, I could enjoy treats with him.

The key from now on is balance -- finding the right mix of exercise and eating so I can enjoy the sweet life with those I love.

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