Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10.08.08: Hanging On -- Lessons from the Biggest Loser

This week's challenge had the contestents hanging onto a bar, trying to balance their bodies as water, which had made their bodies boyant dropped from the tank. The task grew harder and harder until they were all there, holding themselves up, while their feet stood on a wobbly bar below.

The two women who hung on the longest were really in the zone, with their bodies and mind focused on staying on the bar -- even when they were told they could only hang on with one hand.

Vicky sounded like she was in some kind of trance when she said, "I just want to read a letter from my kids!" When she finished and was allowed to drop into the water below, she started to cry. Later, she said that was all she could think about. It was why she was able to hang on for so long.

Our minds can help us or really get in our way. When you focus on your goal - and keep it in your mind -- eventually, you'll get there.

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