Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10.14.08: Stop Tripping Yourself

I developed a nasty habit on my maternity leave. I'd take a walk and when I was finished, I'd swing by Starbucks, or any other open place where I could find a snack, which almost always topped the amount of calories I just burned during my jaunt.

After Anna was born, I kept doing the same thing.

I was lonely during my maternity leave. Instead of spending my days with some great, and very chatty coworkers, I was home waiting for the next episode of Clean House or Baby Story. My trip to Starbucks was a chance to see familiar people, some even knew my name. (Insert Cheers theme song here).

But the comraderie was momentary. After paying far too much for a decaf coffee drink loaded with calories and a pastry to go along with it, I was back at home feeling lonely again, and worse.

I knew I needed to stop tripping myself. It was defeating any intention of dropping baby weight, and being the healthiest I could be.

To do that, I needed to make sure I fulfilled my needs for company -- and replaced the action.

The first thing I did was remove the means by prohibiting myself from bringing my wallet, or any form of currency on my walks.

Then, I filled the need. I joined a new mother's group, which met each Wednesday. That way I could get out of the house each week. Within a few weeks, we knew each others' stories. Our new job was being a mother -- so in a way, they were coworkers.

How do you trip yourself up? What things do you do that prevent your progress? What can and will you do to change?

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