Thursday, October 9, 2008

10.09.09: Ten minutes today -- four miles on New Year's Day!

I started my new running routine today. In addition to my regular one-hour walk, I added in 10 minutes of running. Well maybe it was a jog.

Either way, I'm following David Kuehl's advice in his book "4 Months to a 4-Hour Marathon." Kuehl talks about building a base before taking on an endeavor such as a marathon. In week one, he suggests starting with 10 minutes of running, three times a week.

For now, I'm training for a four-mile run at the stroke of midnight on 2009. I'm building up to something spectacular in 2009 -- perhaps another mountain climb, or yes, maybe even a marathon.

I'm in decent shape. I exercise at least five times a week but running has been off the training log since my Kilimanjaro Climb preparation. So, I'm starting slow, and building strength.

I was strong -- and actually did about 20 minutes of jogging. I felt rusty but I know that if I stick with it, within a few workouts I'll gain speed, ability -- and shed some more baby weight as I prepare for this race.

I feel good after the run -- and glad that I started.

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